Happy Dog

Learn to Groom Your Own Dog

Do you want to learn how to groom your own dog?   Is your dog nervous at the groomers and you want to learn how to groom at home?

This short course has been specifically created for those wanting to groom their own dog at home. You can bring your dog/s to us for the afternoon and learn how to create a specific style you like and gain the skills you need to work on your own dog. This will save you a lifetime of grooming costs and give you a great set of new skills!

Sessions are for 2.5 hours but we recommend a second short session, about 6 or 8 weeks later. This will enable you to learn new skills, practice them at home and then come back for a top up and to learn more!

Sessions are held in our private training room so it is just you, your dog and our Lead Tutor who has over 40 years of grooming experience and will work with you sharing her skills and knowledge, enabling you to groom your own dog!​


First session £165

Follow up session £75