Daycare Terms & Conditions

The Dog House provides a fun and stimulating, yet safe environment for your dog. To ensure the safety and your dog/s and others, we require owners to comply with the following rules and regulations: 


You will be asked to sign the Initial Assessment and Registration Form – Doggie Day Care of which these Terms & Conditions form part of. It is therefore imperative that you read and agree the contents.  A copy will be given to you for your information and retention. 


Initial Assessment 

All dogs will go through our Initial Assessment process prior to being accepted into our Dog Day Care. This initial assessment aims to assess your dog so we can provide him/her with the most appropriate care whilst he/she is with us. 



If at any point in time The Dog House deems your dog no longer suitable for our doggie day care, we fully reserve the right to cancel any future bookings and ask you to collect your dog as soon as practicably possible. 



Dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age. 



All dogs must be castrated/spayed when they are at the breed specific age for sexual maturity. If your dog is not castrated/spayed, please discuss this with us as we may still be able to accept them but only under certain circumstances. 



Owners are required to provide proof of current vaccinations or a valid titre test result. This will be checked at Initial Assessment. 



Whilst present at The Dog House all dogs will wear a collar with the Centre contact details on.  



All dogs must be in good health. Sick dogs will not be permitted in the building. Do not bring your dog to our Day Care if they are vomiting or have diarrhoea or are coughing and/or sneezing. If we query your dog’s health please do not be insulted by our questioning, we are merely looking out for his best interests and the health of all of our other dogs too. If we require veterinary certification that your dog is fit and well enough to withstand attending our Dog care then you will obtain the same and also be responsible for any associated costs. 

Food for your dog 

At Initial Assessment feeding regimes will have been discussed and forward planned. If The Dog House is to be responsible for feeding your dog then please bring it in disposable packaging and ensure your food is labelled.  

Certain breeds are prone to bloat and this will have been discussed at Initial Assessment and may affect feeding. 

We will not “free feed” your dog as this can cause problems for other dogs worrying after their food. We will agree a set time/s to feed your dog. 

If you forget to bring your dogs food and it needs feeding, as discussed at Initial Assessment, we will use our own food supply and charge you accordingly. 


We reserve the right to dismiss any dog if they become too difficult to manage 

Through our Initial Assessment any behaviour issues will have been fully discussed.  Dogs in our care are closely monitored and we will discuss any changes in your dog’s behaviour with you. 


Play and rest 

Your dog will receive regular breaks during his/her time with us. We operate a policy of not over stimulating dogs as we believe that this can create a demanding and over active animal. Dogs in our care are closely monitored and we will discuss any changes in your dog’s behaviour with you. 



Your dog will have free access to water at all times 



The Dog House is not responsible for any injury or illness your dog may acquire when in our care. 


You agree to pay all vets fees associated with any injury or illness arising whilst your dog is in our care and furthermore, if your dog requires veterinary treatment whilst in our care, we will also charge a fee of £25 for taking your dog to the vet. 


By signing this form you agree to your dog being cared for by The Dog House, Worcester. We confirm that your dog will be looked after in a predefined way that was agreed with you at Initial Assessment. 


We confirm that your dog will be under constant supervision whilst in our care.  


We confirm that your dog will only be allowed “free play” with dogs that we have deemed suitable. You accept that whilst your dog may normally play with a “friend” in the park/outside of our care, that if we deem that “friend” unsuitable, he/she will not be allowed free play with the same “friend” whilst in our care. 



In the case of emergency, you dog will be taken to Ambleside Vets.  


You agree to pay all vets fees associated with any injury or illness arising whilst your dog is in our care and furthermore, if your dog requires veterinary treatment whilst in our care, we will also charge a fee of £25 for taking your dog to the vet. 


Hours of Opening 

Drop off and collection are by appointment. Please do not just turn up to drop off or collect as we may be out walking dogs and unable to accept your dog or indeed your dog may be out in the play area or being walked when you arrive without an appointment. At booking an appointment will be confirmed with you. Should you be late (for example stuck in traffic) then please call the office 01905452078 to advise of an anticipated revised drop off/collection time. 



Please see our website for up to date fee’s 


Late Collection at end of confirmed booking 

When you drop your dog off with us we will confirm a collection time. If you are unable to collect your dog at this agreed time then a late fee may be charged. 



All Dog Day Care bookings are to be confirmed at the time of booking with full payment by card, cash or bank transfer to The Dog House Services Limited account number 98971034 sort code 558136 



We do NOT issue refunds for Dog Day Care bookings. If you are unable to keep a pre arranged booking, you will be issued with a credit note which can only be used on future Dog Day Care Bookings. 



Reservations can be made over the phone or in person or by email to 



If a booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice there will be no refund and no credit issued. 


Early Collections 

We fully understand that sometimes you will want to collect your dog earlier than booked. We can accommodate this, but please, when possible, ring the centre prior to arrival.  

You will not receive a refund for the part of Day Care your dog did not complete. 


Administering Medication 

If your dog is taking any medication we can, with your written consent, administer this whilst your dog is in our care. All medication should be labelled with your dog’s name.  


Belongings/What to bring with your dog 

This will be discussed in full at Initial Assessment. 

We actively encourage you to bring your dogs bed with him as having familiar bedding will help him/her settle into our Centre. 

We do allow your dog toys of his own but these will only be used in his/her personal lounge. 

We accept no responsibility for damage to items when your dog is in our care. 


Your dog’s safety 

If your dog is chewing or attempting to jump out we will reserve the right to move him/her and place him/her in a safer environment. 


Do not bring 

Bowls or dishes of any kind or water. 


Changes to our Policies, Procedures, Services and Fees 

We fully reserve the right to change our Policies, Procedures, Services and Fees at any time without notifying yourself. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with our Policies, Procedures, Services and Fees via our website or notices within our Centre. 


Illness within our Centre 

From time to time dogs attending our Centre will show no signs of illness but they will, however, be “carriers” of a contagious illness. 

If your dog is likely to pick up an illness from other dogs attending our Centre, we will advise you of the same but in no way, whatsoever are we liable for any vet’s fees or expenses you may incur by your dog contracting the illness. 

This is a risk that you fully accept when you leave your dog in our care. 



As part of the daily activities that your dog will engage with at our Centre, you agree to your dog receiving treats as rewards for following our commands (sit, stay etc). 

These treats will be sausage, chicken or cheese or a branded treat. You, by signing this form agree that your dog can receive these treats. 

This will have been discussed at Initial Assessment but it is important to advise us if you dog cannot tolerate different treats that we may feed him. 

Photos, Videos and Social Media 

You agree, unless otherwise agreed at Initial Assessment, to your dog having his photo or video placed on our website or on our social media sites and you further confirm that you are happy for your dog to appear in any of our advertising material. 


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask for further clarification. Many thanks, The Dog House Team 

The Dog House Daycare
& Your Dog

At The Dog House, we do daycare differently!

The Dog House Doggie Daycare brings together years of experience and listens to what dogs really need. 

At The Dog House, we focus on the individual dog to find out what is right for them. 

Yes, hands up, our daycare is NOT right for every single dog. For those bigger dogs and those who are high energy, then sorry, we will help you look elsewhere to find a daycare that’s right for you. 

Which dogs are we right for? 

Well, let’s explore The Dog House doggie daycare to find out… 

Dawn, the owner of The Dog House used to work from alongside her home in Fernhill Heath offering grooming services. Dawn was constantly asked “can you have Benji all day for me whilst I go out” Unfortunately, Dawn didn’t have space until the business moved to 86H Blackpole, in 2017. 

With the move came the development of many new services, doggie daycare being the main one. Dawn is an international dog show judge, dog breeder, and exhibitor and has over 40 years of living with and being owned by dogs, particularly Cairn Terriers. 

Now, anyone who owns a Terrier will know they are bred to chase, and I am sorry to say, terriers are bred to kill rats, mice, and basically anything that moves! 

When it came to setting up the daycare service Dawn’s experience led her to a different kind of daycare… 

  • A daycare based on the individual dog 

  • a daycare based on caring for each dog's needs 

  • a daycare based on providing a one-to-one service 

  • a daycare based on routine so all the dogs know what is happening and when 

Most daycare centers have big group play areas where as many as 70 dogs all play together. The mere thought of this was too disturbing for Dawn; her terriers would have an absolute party chasing all the small fluffy dogs and no doubt terrorizing a few of the larger ones too! 

Working with Dr. Isla Fishburn, one of the UK’s leading alternative dog behaviourists, Dawn set up The Dog House Daycare based on one-to-one care. 

Dawn was also mentored by Beverley Courtney, another leading canine behaviourist who has written several books about dealing with everyday dog issues. 

Together with her own experience and advice gained from Isla and Beverley, Dawn “bucked the trend” and set up The Dog House daycare based on the principle of “give each dog their own space” 


Having their own space gives each dog the chance to choose what they want to do and gives those more nervous or young dogs the space to express themselves without having to tolerate the demands of other dogs who might want to play or be in their space. 

Things were very slow to start with only one dog joining us. This dog was Daisy. Daisy was displaying major issues with aggressive behaviour and had been labeled as “trouble” by her then daycare owners. Daisy’s Vet and another Behaviourist advised Daisey’s owners to find an alternative daycare. 

We don’t always see the world from our dog’s perspective but when we do, we can dramatically change our views and opinions, therefore dealing with our dog’s behaviour in a completely different way… Dawn Inett 2020 

Let’s talk about Daisy, this dog was labeled as being disruptive and aggressive. Daisy would attack dogs and walks were becoming almost impossible as Daisy would lurch and scream at any dog that she saw. 

Luckily for Daisy, her owners came to our Opening Day back in 2017. Forms were completed, assessments are undertaken, and Daisy joined us for a couple of days each week. 

After about 3 wks Daisy’s owners reported a change; they could see that Daisy was more settled, more social, and happier. Yes, these are applying human traits to a dog, but they genuinely believed that Daisy was changing for the better. 

After 3 months Daisy’s owners reported a massive change in her behaviour, she was no longer aggressive out on walks, she was more settled of an evening and was even happy to play with other dogs, no lurching and screaming now. 

Why did this change happen? 

Why was Daisy now happier and more settled? 

One simple thing made all the difference to Daisy, she had space. 

Daisy had her own room. 

Daisy was allowed to express herself in her own space. 

Daisy was allowed to sleep 

Daisy received care and walks from our experienced team in a safe environment with no other dogs around her. 

Daisy now felt safe and unthreatened 

We do daycare differently at The Dog House and we do it differently for a reason. 

Dogs need space to express themselves 

Dogs need a routine to thrive 

And dogs need at least 14 hours of sleep a day! 

We believe we have experienced, and we have been taught by our mentors that dogs thrive when they have space, routine and are allowed to sleep and relax. 

Our one-to-one daily routine ensures that your dog will receive 

  • At least 3 outings each day (between 08:30 and 17:30) 

  • Meaning your dog gets plenty of exercise in a safe and controlled manner 

  • will be “partnered” with playmates to have an off-lead play session/s 

  • receive plenty of one-to-one attention from our experienced team 

  • have treats throughout the day (specific dietary requirements catered for) 

  • have a quiet time for guaranteed rest and recuperation 

  • safe socialisation situations for your dogs (no being bowled over in the park or off lead owners telling you “he will be fine” only to find their dog intimidates your dog/puppy) 

At The Dog House, your dog will have his or her own space 

At The Dog House, your dog will have downtime to snooze or sleep. 

At The Dog House, your dog will be attended to regularly by our team and most importantly they will be treated as if they are our own dogs. 

For more information and a guided tour of our daycare please attend our open day and Christmas Fayre on 5th December. We look forward to taking you around our facility, sharing with you our experience, and helping you to look after your dog. 

References - More about Dr. Isla Fishburn