We are able to provide a full range of grooming services in our air-conditioned salon with our qualified groomers. We pride ourselves in taking time to get to know you and your dog. We will focus on how you want your dog to look - we understand if you want something special, just let us know.

Fully Qualified

All of our groomers are fully qualified level 3 groomers and talk 'dog', a language that is essential in our world!

Puppy Grooming

Introducing puppies to grooming is a very important process which will help prevent stress in later life. The service will include an introduction to the salon, brushing through, minor trimming and lot of love from our groomers! What we do will depend on how the puppy copes with his/her visit. At The Dog House, we pride ourselves on ensuring each puppy has an enjoyable experience in our care. You will also receive a 'Puppy First Groom Certificate'.

This service costs £15 for puppies under 20 weeks.


Please use the following as a guide as to how much your dog's groom will cost:

Our prices are an estimate, the final price will depend on coat condition,

type of groom and your dog's  behaviour.  We can quote a price at our initial consultation but this may also change depending on your dogs behaviour.

Full Grooms - Bath, nails, style and groom


Small eg Shih Tzu / Westie / Cairn - £42-45

Medium eg Cockapoo / Spaniel - £45-50

Large eg Golden Retriever / Labradoodle - £50+


Nails Only £15

(included in a full groom)


Anal Glands Only  £20

(£15 if done as part of a full groom)

Bath Only (nails not done)


Without Brushing

 Small £20

Medium £25

Large and hairy £30


With Brushing

Small £30

Medium £40

Large and hairy £50 


Add nails to a bath for £10



Bath and deshed - No Styling


Small                               £35

Medium                          £40

Large and hairy              £45

Any dematting whatsoever £25


Clipping off matted dogs (charged on top of full groom fee) £25


If you want your dog to keep a longer coat, hand scissoring is available - add £20 to full groom price



The above prices are an estimate, and the final price will depend on coat condition, type of groom and your dog's  behaviour. 


Hand Stripping

For hand stripping, we are experts in our field! Customers travel from far and wide to have their dogs hand stripped by Dawn; an expert with harsh coats!

Hand stripping £65 per hour (charged by time)   


50/50 dry cuts £50 (£60 with bath)