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Dog Grooming: Pro Gallery
Dog Wash

Dog Grooming Services

We are able to provide a full range of grooming services in our air-conditioned salon with our qualified groomers. We pride ourselves in taking time to get to know you and your dog. We will focus on how you want your dog to look - we understand if you want something special, just let us know.

All our groomers are fully qualified level 3 groomers and talk 'dog', a language that is essential in our world!

Our Services

Below, you will find a list of the grooming services we offer.

if you would like  a quote please email us at to arrange a free customer consultation.

We will discuss the price further when you drop your dog off with us, however, various factors can affect the cost of your dog's groom such as coat condition and behaviour. A final price will be given at collection.

Full Grooms - Bath, style and groom

Bath only

Without Brushing (eg short haired breed)

With Brushing (eg poodle mixes)

Bath and deshed only


Hand Scissoring


Hand Stripping

For hand stripping, we are experts in our field! Customers travel from far and wide

to have their dogs hand stripped by Dawn; an expert with harsh coats!


50/50 dry cuts

The above services include complimentary nail clipping


Nails only

Anal glands only

(can be completed as part of the groom - please let us know if you require this service)


Ear plucking only

Dog Grooming Services
Dog Grooming: Handstripping
Dog Grooming: TT and Puppy
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