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Dog Grooming Tuition

Our dog grooming courses are now delivered on a one-to-one basis; just you and the tutor, and of course, a dog too!

Starting a new career can be a scary business, and being part of a group of people all trying to learn together in a classroom setting doesn’t always work for everyone, so we have decided that one-to-one is the best way for us to train our dog groomers of the future.

Our modern, air conditioned facilities combined with a huge variety of breeds all wanting to be groomed, means that we are able to offer our students a diverse experience.

What's new for 2024?

  • We are now offering training on a one-to-one basis ONLY!

  • We are now supplying students with outstanding opportunities to learn all the theory that goes alongside learning to groom!

  • We are now able to offer a private one to one training room for styling and grooming of dogs.

  • We are now able to offer a Course Mentor to support you through your studies

  • We are now able to offer real work experience in our commercial salon so you can experience the life of a dog groomer

  • We can offer flexible study days/times covering 7 days a week and evenings too!

Meet the Tutors

Below is some information about our course tutors, Dawn and Lysh.

If you'd like to read more about the whole of The Dog House Team, click here.

About Dawn

Lead Tutor - Dawn

Dawn has been owned by dogs all of her life (that’s 50 years!). From growing up in a boarding kennels in rural Worcestershire, to judging her favourite breed (Cairn Terriers) at Crufts, Dawn has a vast range of experience that she is ready to share with you. Dawn is an international Cairn Terrier judge and has judged dogs in Australia, Canada, USA and all over Europe!


Back at home, Dawn has an amazing kennel of Cairn and Norwich Terriers but has also owned Golden Retrievers, Border Terriers, Jack Russels and more recently, she has been known to dabble with Griffon Bruxellois too.


Dawn is Level 3 qualified, holds a qualification in teaching adults, first aid (both human and dog) and is a leading expert in harsh coat handstripping with a client base that travels from all over the UK not only to have their dogs groomed by Dawn but to learn from her too! Combine all that with her experience base, then Dawn is the tutor for you!

Course Mentor - Lysh

Lysh has a background working in retail and when she realised that career wasn’t what she wanted for her future, she came to The Dog House to train as a groomer.


Dawn loved the fact that Lysh, with very little grooming experience, quickly showed that she could “talk dog” and it wasn’t long before Lysh was working part time for The Dog House as an assistant groomer. Lysh has developed her skills over the 3 years that she has worked alongside Dawn, and is now Lead Groomer.


Lysh is now fluent in “dog” and is able to show students the commercial side of dog grooming.

You will learn all the techniques and procedures you need to know from Dawn and then you get to “give it a go for real” working alongside Lysh in our commercial grooming salon! This is a massive tick in the box of experience for anyone learning to groom. 

About Lysh
Dog Grooming

Our Courses

Training with The Dog House enables you to learn to a high standard and then put that into practice in the safe environment of our commercial salon prior to going out and setting up your own salon or applying for work with other groomers.


We offer a range of courses to suit every budget and aspiring dog groomer.

C&G L2

City and Guilds Level 2


If you want to work as a grooming assistant (bathing and prepping dogs for the Groomers to finish) then this is your qualification.

Level 2 is also compulsory if you wish to complete Level 3 City & Guilds

Level 2 covers:

  • Assessing behaviour, identifying breeds, lifting and moving dogs using relevant restraints and handling.

  • Basic health checking, identifying key anatomical points, type of coat and preparing the dogs for bathing.

  • Bathing, drying, nail and ear care.

  • Trimming to prepare for styling

  • Cleaning the salon and equipment

  • 1 x online multiple choice exam (60 minutes) 

  • There are also written assignments and worksheets to complete to ensure you learn the theory side of dog grooming too!

    Cost £2,650

    What is included in the price?

  • 15 days tuition (or equivalent hours)

  • The dog groomers manual – What Every Professional Dog Groomer Should Know!

  • Free membership to Groomers Gallery


City and Guilds Level 3

You have to hold the Level 2 City & Guilds qualification in order to sign up for the Level 3.

If you already hold a Level 2 from another training provider, then we insist that you complete a one day assessment (prepping/grooming a breed of your choice in our salon) prior to signing up for our Level 3 (fee payable)

The Level 3 course covers:

  • Risk assessment

  • Client consultation and style a drop coat

  • Hand strip a dog

  • Style a wool mix coat and maintenance of equipment

  • Style a dog to breed standard and health check

  • First aid

  • There are also written assignments and worksheets to complete to ensure you learn the theory side of dog grooming too! 

  • 1 x online written exam – to be sat under full exam conditions (2hrs). This exam is held twice a year in June and November at an external site and you will be given a choice of which month you want to sit it following completion of the practical and theory assessments.

    Cost £4,800

(one day assessment charged at £150 - student to supply their own dog)

What is included in the price?

  • 20 days tuition (or equivalent hours)

  • Guided home study

  • The dog groomers manual – What Every Professional Dog Groomer Should Know!

  • Free membership to Groomers Gallery

  • Free access to Julie Harris C&G Complete Level 3 Theory

City and Guilds Levels 2 and 3 combined

By signing up to achieve both Level 2 and Level 3 with The Dog House, you can go from being a complete beginner through to being qualified and able to call yourself a fully qualified Level 3 Dog Groomer!

The courses are the same as above, but they continue on from one another and of course you won’t need to do the one day assessment prior to the Level 3 course!

Cost £6,250


Are you working as a dog groomer already but don’t have a qualification?

Look no further! The Dog House can help you achieve the highly coveted Level 2 &/or 3 City & Guilds qualification in as little as 6 days!

How do we do that?

Read on and find out more….

You must be working as a dog groomer, and we need to apply for Reduced Hours Learning by proving your record of prior learning. This basically means, we fill out a form and prove you can groom BUT we must do this prior to signing up for the Level 2 then Level 3 qualifications!

For this there is a small nonrefundable fee of £150 just to cover our admin time.

Once your application for Reduced Learning hours status has been approved. You would work through the Level 2 theory requirements prior to attending our training salon for 2 days (or equivalent hours) to work through the assessments.

Once you have completed your Level 2 qualification you can then proceed onto Level 3 (if you wish!)

Level 2 £750

(including The dog groomers manual – What Every Professional Dog Groomer Should Know!)

Level 3

If you already hold a Level 2 then we insist that you complete a one day assessment (grooming a breed of your choice in our salon) prior to signing up for our Level 3 (fee payable) 

Again, you must complete the theory elements before the practical assessments take place. Once that’s all completed, we then invite you into our salon and one to one training centre for FOUR days (or equivalent hours) to work through the Level 3 assessments.

  • Level 3 (one day assessment to take place prior to acceptance on the course – nonrefundable fee £150)

Includes The Dog Groomer's Manual - What Every Professional Dog Groomer Should Know, free access to Groomers Gallery and Julie Harris Complete Level 3 theory!


Sign up to both Levels 2 and 3 for just £1,999

The Dog House Diploma


If you would like to learn how to groom dogs to a standard where you can groom for other people and set up your own business, you can still be a Student at The Dog House and learn to groom with us without the worry of the additional elements required to gain the qualification…

We offer a 20 day (or equivalent hours) dog grooming course.

This course will take you through

  • Meeting and greeting customers and their dogs

  • Bathing and drying

  • Preparing the dog for styling

  • Styling the dog

  • Finishing the groom

  • Feedback to the customer

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the salon

  • Help and advice regarding setting up your own business.

  • A copy of the dog groomers manual – What Every Professional Dog Groomer Should Know!

  • Please note, a certificate is supplied by The Dog House to show completion of the course, however, this is not a formal, nationally recognised certificate

Cost £3,500

TDH Diploma
C&G L2&3
C&G L3
To book any of our courses, please email the team at
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