Carradine Cairn Terrier Grooming is a 12 month project that you can join.

Over the years, I have sat through many grooming demos and it's been great learning at that point in time. Then I go away and experiment on my own and wonder if I am doing it right.  With Facebook and the internet there is a whole plethora of information out there that shows me how to do what I want but nothing that shows us developments over time.

At work, I teach people how to hand strip and I have come to realise a few things..... In order to hand strip properly, to be able to prepare the coat for a show in 6 weeks time or just to roll the coat, we absolutely have to understand how the coat on our particular dog grows and develops.

I cannot stand in front of you with a red Cairn and say this is how to roll the coat. You may have a brindle and things can be very different with a brindle.

Back in November 2019, I had a fabulous weekend delivering a Cairn Grooming Seminar in Edinburgh. The feedback was great and people learnt a lot. The intention was to deliver a mini follow up seminar at Scottish Breeds champ show, end of March 2020 and another seminar in Summer 2020 at the CTC fun day back in Scotland.

However, things didn't quite pan out as planned. Over the summer Corra, Marie and myself has discussed online seminars, webinars and grooming demos.

Things have developed and grown a little from what was first planned but my aim now is:

   To enable you to learn how to hand strip your Cairn
   To enable you to learn to read your dogs coat over time
   To enable you to join regular Q&A sessions and watch live demos
   To enable you to have a go to place where you can ask questions
   To enable you to see coat growth on my dogs over time
   To enable you to join coat experiments (clipping a h/s!)
   To enable you (and me) to have fun with our Cairns

Over the coming 12 months from November 2020 to November 2021, we will look at a whole variety of Cairns. I have the pleasure of having access to over 100 Cairns that we can groom together and learn from.  Obviously, I cannot get them all together, I cannot show you them side by side so you can understand and see the differences in coats but what I can do is:

  record their grooming so you can watch it back when it suits
  discuss with you their good (and bad) bits
  have open discussions about these dogs via live Q&A sessions

I plan for all of this to cumulate in a weekend of learning when Carradine Cairn Terrier Grooming can go LIVE - we can all meet up and chat and watch live demo's and maybe, just maybe shake hands...

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy Carradine Cairn Terrier Grooming. Chat soon, Dawn x

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