Teeth Cleaning Service

New for 2022!

Does your dog have dirty teeth or smelly breath?

Would you like to improve the condition and health of your dog's mouth, and potentially reduce the likelihood of problems developing?

Our teeth-cleaning service uses an ultrasonic toothbrush which is gentle yet effective at removing tartar.

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Improvement over 14 days with 10 treatments

How does it work and what can I expect in a session?

Our special toothbrush looks just like a regular electric toothbrush, but is absolutely silent when it's working. There is no mechanical brushing - it's all done with ultrasonic technology generating 96 million vibrations per minute.

It works not only on the teeth, but also deep into the gums too helping to prevent periodontal disease and mouth odour.

We will work along each tooth to help reduce tartar build up at the gum line. Tartar already present may begin to be removed, but individual results will vary.

You are welcome to stay with your dog, although some are more settled when their owner isn't present. We ask that you respect our decision on whether you can stay or not.

Our clinics take place upstairs, so please inform us if your dog can't do stairs. We are able to arrange to be downstairs, but this may have to be at a different time or on a different day.

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Price List


Option 1 - Pay As You Go

First visit to include consultation (up to one hour) - £39

Follow up / maintenance visits (up to 30 minutes) - £20 per visit

Option 2 - Pre Pay

Includes first visit and consultation plus 9 subsequent visits. Fee must be paid at or prior to the consultation taking place.


Valid on appointments booked by 30th April 2022

£155 (saves £64 against the pay as you go option)

Price from 1st May 2022

£175 (saves £44 against the pay as you go option)

All options include your dog's own toothbrush head on their first visit. Brush heads require replacing every 12 months or 25 uses. New heads will be charged at £15 each.

Brushing Dog's Teeth

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the initial consultation include? 

     We assess your dog for suitability. Although non invasive, teeth                 cleaning with our ultrasonic toothbrush means we need to insert the       brush in the mouth and move alongside the teeth.  


     We may discuss how you can desensitise your dog to enable teeth           cleaning in the future.


     We carry out a review of your dog’s oral health. 


     We introduce your dog to their own toothbrush.

I have two dogs, can I block book sessions for both? 


     Yes, sessions can be interchanged between dogs BUT each dog               must have its own toothbrush and an initial consultation would be           payable for each dog.