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Dogtastic Diet Club

Is your dog carrying a few extra pounds? Would you like to bring them for a monthly weigh in? We have set up this series of meetings once a month to give you advice and guidance on canine nutrition, exercise and the best ways to manage your dog's weight.

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What effect will being overweight have on my dog?

Common problems caused by being obese include diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Obese pets are also more likely to suffer from heat or exercise intolerance, hormone problems, skin disease and even cancer. Being overweight may contribute to tracheal collapse and laryngeal paralysis. They are also at greater risks from anaesthetic and surgical complications, complications from cardio-respiratory disorders, and even early death.

Fatty tissue secretes hormones which affect appetite, inflammation, insulin sensitivity and bodily function. It also influences water balance and blood pressure, leading to kidney disease and high blood pressure.

Information take from The Kennel Club website

What topics will we cover?

How will the sessions run?

In the first session, you will be given a weight record sheet. Your dog will be weighed at the start of the course, and we will begin every session by checking your dog's weight.

Then we will move on to the information presentation. We will talk about the days topic, and then we will finish with answering any questions you may have.

You may wish to bring a notebook!

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To bring one dog, the following costs will apply:

Block book the full 6 sessions - £50

(payable at/before the first session)

Pay as you go - £10 per session

Extra dogs for weigh in - £3 each

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for this course?

Our next set of dates will be:

Sunday 5th June

Sunday 17th July

Sunday 7th August     

Sunday 11th September     

Sunday 2nd October

Sunday 6th November

What does the Dogtastic Diet Club include? 


The Dog House holds Club meetings once per month. 

You come along with your dog, we weigh them and log their weight. 

You then join our information sharing session where we will discuss all the common things that lead to overweight dogs and how we can help you reduce their weight.  


We don’t lecture you or wag our fingers at you – we are all here to learn together and help our dogs live better lives – don’t forget at The Dog House we are all about the dog! 

I am on a tight budget and can’t afford special diet foods for my dog? How can you help me manage my dogs diet? 

Don’t worry we are not going to be selling you any products or food. We have over 40 years’ experience of living with dogs and know how to feed them on a budget. We provide you with information to enable you to help your dog and make positive changes for the future – we are dog people, not sales people! 

I have two dogs; can I bring both? 

Yes, of course. We don’t limit the number of dogs you can bring; we just ask that they settle down and not bark too much whilst we hold our discussion after the weigh in session. We charge you full price for one dog and then each subsequent dog will be charged at £3 per weigh-in session.

Although we only meet once a month, the team at The Dog House are always on hand for help and advice. Got a question? Give us a call on

01905 452078 or drop an email to

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